How to make your first presentation with Deckset

Step 1: Set up your editor and file

After opening Deckset you are presented with the Library window containing example presentations and your recent presentations (once you have created a few!).

Deckset slides are created from a Markdown (.md) file. To start a new presentation, click the ‘New’ tile, then name and save your Markdown file.

Deckset Library Window

The file you save will automatically open in an editor where you write your presentation.

If you would like to use a different editor, open Deckset’s preferences (cmd+,) and choose your preferred application.

Deckset Preferences

Step 2: Create your first slides

With Deckset and your editor open, you can begin to write your first slides.

Deckset open next to the editor

Use a # headline and give your presentation a title, then type three dashes --- on a single line, with an empty line above and below to create a second slide.

Separating slides

On the second slide your write your first talking point using a second level ## header to introduce some hierarchy.

Adding more slides and introducing hierarchy

Step 3: Write your presentation outline in Markdown

A great way to get started is by writing an outline of the topics you want to cover. This will help you think about the structure first and get a feel for the flow of your talk.

An outline consists of various levels of headings covering the main topics

Step 4: Refine your outline

At this stage it is helpful to focus on your narrative — making sure the story you are telling makes sense and is relevant to your audience.

Here topics can be further developed, split up, or expanded across slides introducing more levels of hierarchy. Generally as your outline develops things will move around in the Markdown file.

As your outline grows you see more slides

Step 5: Add content to your slides

Once the outline feels good, you can begin to fill slides with more content, you can move beyond # Headings and include paragraph text and - Bullet Points to structure the presentation.

Using paragraph text and bullet points to flesh out a presentation

At this point you may want to include images to support your ideas. To insert images you use the following markdown syntax: ![](yourimage.jpg).

The easiest way to auto-generate the image syntax is to drag your image and release it over the Deckset window, the syntax is copied to your clipboard, ready to paste into your markdown file. You can also reference images on the internet with the same syntax ![](http://www.website.com/yourimage.jpg). This is the safest way to use images if you are collabrating or sharing your Markdown file.

Adding images to support your ideas

You might consider removing text and simply use images to accompany what you talk through. To capture your talking points you can use ^ Speaker Notes so they appear in the presenter display while you talk.

Using images with speaker notes allows the audience to focus on what you are saying

Step 6: Rehearse & Present

Using the [Rehearse] button in the toolbar you can preview and run through your presentation as if you were connected to an external display to practice for the main event.

Rehearsal mode shows the current slide alongside any speaker notes, plus the next slide, the time and progress through the presentation

When you are ready to present you simply hit [Play] in the toolbar.

Step 7: Export

When you are ready to distribute your presentation use the [Export] button in the toolbar and choose between PDF, PNG and JPEG. You can include all build steps and presenter notes if you have used these features.

Customizable export options

Congratulations! You now know how to create a basic presentation with Deckset! Download the Markdown file and images to work with this presentation as a starting point in Deckset, or the presentation as a PDF file.

We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and learned something new. Feel free to share your ideas or comments via support@decksetapp.com.

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