Everything you need to create
amazing presentations


Choose from dozens of themes and customize them to your needs

Create Tables

Display tabular information with ease using standard markdown.

Configuration Commands

Take control over the look of your presentation: autoscale text, add slide numbers, build lists and footers.

Videos & Photos

Powerful auto-formatting options make arranging local or online files very easy.

Show your code

With automatic syntax highlighting and ‘scale-to-fit’ text sizing, your code will always look fantastic.

Beautiful templates

Choose from 19 themes and many color variations — all designed to work for any audience.

Display formulas

Easily include mathematical notation written in LaTeX markup.

Automatic Layout

Instantly change the look of your slides with simple markdown commands.

Image Filters

When there is text on top of an image, filters provide much greater legibility.

Speaker Notes

Write notes alongside your slide content to assist when delivering your presentation.

Rehearsal Mode

Practice makes perfect, and rehearsal mode enables a preview of what happens on the presenter display when delivering a presentation.

Preview Window

Preview how your presentation is shaping up in Deckset without leaving your editor.

Export Options

PDF, PNG and JPEG export are included, plus options to include build steps and any speaker notes.

Aspect Ratio Switch

Switch between 16:9 and 4:3 in one click without needing to reformat slides!


Include a piece of text at the bottom of slides.

Slide Numbers

Always know which slide you are on.


Easily cite references, comments or sources throughout your presentation.

Emoji Support

Include all your favorites with Slack-style short codes.

Build Steps

Let your audience focus on one thing at a time by building in list items one by one.

Auto Scale Text

Sometimes you need to fit in a little more than the default size allows for — Auto Scale provides lots of flexibility.

Fit to Fill Text

For maximum impact, headings can be scaled up to fill the available space.

Don’t take our word for it — take theirs.

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